paris-and-gary-motorcycle-helmet.jpgHave you asked yourself,  “Why do I travel?”  Then thought about it for a while. Maybe when you’re driving four hours to the next destination.  Or maybe under the influence of an adult beverage at the airport bar.

Recently, Vicky and Chris of the blog Eat Sleep Love Travel asked me 10 questions about my travel habits. The answers are for a guest post on their blog. Two questions used the word “why.”  That triggered a contemplative rush that continues here.

Why I Travel

Fun. I travel for fun. But, it’s more than that. I travel because I have to. I have to see things, learn things, experience things. It’s a personal imperative. I can’t NOT do it.

I want to see and experience culture, people and food. I want to know the world to better know myself. I want to make the unfamiliar less intimidating. I want to understand the world.

Tennessee Williams once said,  “… hate is a feeling that can only exist where there is no understanding.”

I would add the word “fear” to “hate” in his observation. I believe travel brings understanding … which eliminates hate and fear.

Why I Blog About Travelwhy-i-travel.jpg

I blog to help those planning travel and to share with those who can’t travel. I want to share my fascination with things large and small. I want to show that everywhere is interesting and significant. It’s easy to find adventure in exotic locales, but adventure and meaning are available around the next corner if you’re aware.

I also blog about travel to facilitate understanding. I want to dispel hatred and fear.